What is a Food Allergy and Gluten-Free Audit?

clean of food allergens production line

Audit Overview

Our audits provide a hands-on review and analysis of your food service operation from loading dock to table top.

Our Allergen Audits review and analyze all commercial kitchen policies and procedures. This ensures diners with food allergy restrictions are being served safely.

waiter taking food allergen safe order

Our audits have 3 phases:

Phase 1: An application is reviewed for the content and the extent of the facility’s policies, procedures, training and assessment tools.

Phase 2: Onsite audit confirms the policies, procedures, training and assessment tools are in place and functional in the intended environment.

Phase 3: A certificate and a detailed report is provided that is a summary of the audit including any recommendations for improvement.

* Certification requires annual review from MenuTrinfo®, LLC.

* Certification requirements are monitored monthly through required allergen testing, and quarterly reports and annual audits are produced and performed.

* Program is location-specific. However, portions of the program will be generalized to all institutional food service facilities.

open food allergey aware restaurant

Allergen Audits – review and analysis will cover:

  • Potential cross-contact issues from loading dock to table top
  • Procurement procedures
  • Ordering and storage process
  • Substitution and recall procedures for your commercial kitchen
  • Policy, procedure, plan, and process for optimal food allergen needs
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Required posters and statements as current with the laws in your state, city, and county
  • Flow of food for all possible fail points along the way
  • Review and written report delivered upon completion of audit
  • Ongoing surveillance reports