Italian on the Menu, Confidence Delivered

By Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo®, LLC I may in fact be the very luckiest CEO that ever lived! I get asked to do the coolest things and this story/post is about one…

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An Interview with the RD from Michigan State

At Kitchens with Confidence (KwC) we are constantly on the move auditing kitchens across the nation. We love going in and seeing the amazing work food service professionals do to keep their diners safe. That…

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Clean Plate Station at Heidelberg University inside Hoernemann Refectory

“Certified Free From™” The Trend

From the desk of our CEO, Betsy Today everyone is looking for assurance while dining. Restaurants are desperately needing to be accurate because the stakes are higher than ever. It’s crucial to know what’s in…

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Don’t Let Food Allergies Spook You This Fall

As we near the end of September and usher in the beginning of fall, excitement for the holiday season is palpable. Decorative gourds are dusted off and displayed proudly. Skeletons are brought out of hiding…

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How to Stay Food-Allergy Aware as the Semester Ends

Spring is in the air and many colleges and universities are wrapping up the semester. Students are focused on passing finals and making plans for break but as the busy semester winds down, it’s still…

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What’s the Deal with Food Allergy Testing?

Food allergens represent a high risk for the food industry. While other risks, such as pathogenic bacteria, can be reduced by cooking, allergens cannot simply be removed or reduced to safe levels once they’ve been…

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Allergy free table

What’s on the “allergy-free” menu?

Milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, fish, crustaceans, wheat and eggs—these are the top or “big” eight allergens recognized by the FDA in the US. While there are more than 170 foods that have been reported…

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Campers on the dock

A Reflection of My Most Recent Audit: Indian Head Camp

Driving from the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Airport through the magnificent Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, my stomach swirled with butterflies of excitement. I was on my way to Indian Head Camp (IHC) which, in my mid-twenties,…

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May Contain

What’s up with “May Contain” Statements?

“May contain…” “May contain traces of…” “Manufactured in a facility that processes…” “Made on shared equipment with…” You’ve probably seen them before. These are precautionary allergen labeling statements commonly found on packaged foods. While for…

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Allergy Friendly College Campuses to Watch this Year

GREAT MENTION to our awesome clients: Cornell University Syracuse University   To say it’s scary when your kids flee the nest and go off to college for the first time is an understatement—there are so…

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