Soft Claims Could Mean Hard Trouble

Written by Shelly Beck, a first-timer at Expo West Picture this - a vegan at Expo West visiting booth after booth of new products making vegan claims. It’s me, I'm the vegan. I'm talking multiple…

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certified Mulay's sausage tray

Client Spotlight: Mulay’s Sausage Corporation is Certified Free From™

The crest for Mulay’s Sausage proudly boasts “since 1326”, and the owner of the small-batch meat producer, Loree Mulay Weisman, states that her family crest does in fact date back so far. These days, she…

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dog tag bakery logo in red, white and blue

Fear Nut! Dog Tag Bakery is Certified Nut Free™

Transitioning from life within the military to one in the civilian world can be tough to manage for America’s precious veterans. It can be overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. That’s why Dog Tag…

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FDA’s Temporary Terrifying Policy Change

Written by CEO, Betsy Craig Minimizing the impact on supply chain for manufactures is maximizing the concern for 32 million people. Due to COVID-19, the FDA made a bold move without consideration of a huge…

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Italian on the Menu, Confidence Delivered

By Betsy Craig, Founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo®, LLC I may in fact be the very luckiest CEO that ever lived! I get asked to do the coolest things and this story/post is about one…

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Allergy free table

What’s on the “allergy-free” menu?

Milk, peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, fish, crustaceans, wheat and eggs—these are the top or “big” eight allergens recognized by the FDA in the US. While there are more than 170 foods that have been reported…

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May Contain

What’s up with “May Contain” Statements?

“May contain…” “May contain traces of…” “Manufactured in a facility that processes…” “Made on shared equipment with…” You’ve probably seen them before. These are precautionary allergen labeling statements commonly found on packaged foods. While for…

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